IECQ QC080000 is a certificate system to comply RoHS index. To comply with the ongoing trend of restriction/recycling of hazardous materials, Saintway took responsibility to carry out QC080000 since June 2006, promising that no product containing hazardous materials will be shipped to customer.
Saintway obtained IECQ QC080000 certificate in Jan, 07. Saintway is doing this not only to show that we care about the earth, but also be responsible for delivering goods compliant with such regulation. Moreover, Saintway wants customers to know that we are capable of manufacturing RoHS compliant products. Customer of Saintway can feel comfortable to sell their goods to anywhere in the world even there is strong restriction over hazardous material in place.
QC080000 pursuit is an ongoing and nonstop process; Saintway will keep up the good work and keep improving. Saintway sincerely hopes that customer of Saintway would feel more confident and comfortable with the products and services provided by Saintway by introducing IECQ QC080000.