As economy grows, technology evolves; “Quality” has become an essence to every kind of providers ranging from software, hardware and service. “Quality Management System” is then developed and deployed by developed countries in order to replace old school “Inspection Control”. Due to proven effectiveness of ISO 9001 system and wide adoption by European enterprises, it has become a must and basic criteria to obtain ISO 9001 certificate to enter international business arena. TO comply with international trend, Saintway also implemented ISO 9001 and carry out required quality system in order to provide quality products and services to every customer, domestic or overseas.

ISO created ISO 9001 system and set up the bottom line of quality requirement for every company verified and approved by the examination. As soon as a company obtains ISO 9001 certificate, it promises continuous improvement. Saintway is no exception, but Saintway is not limited to basic quality requirement but holding on to the commitment of never ending quality pursuing. Looking outward, we are aiming at providing good quality, reasonably priced and on-time delivery in order to grow with our customers. Internally, we are determined to ensure labour safety, stimulate morale in order to create a win-win for both labour and capital.