Saintway adopts project oriented concept to handle every new product commission by customer. With 30 years experience, we have in-depth knowledge of the way leading to a successful project. Initial management and explicit product development procedure are the key elements explored.
Apart from ordinary project management routines, two meetings are of special attention at Saintway:

1. Tooling Development Meeting
Collaborating business, development, tooling and quality responsibles in order to make sure that the developed tools meet customer’s function requirement, quality requirement and cost. Nevertheless, we review the pilot run result to ensure that the tools are trouble-free in production and easy to maintain during this meeting.

2. Product Resume Meeting
Clear communication and unimpeded information transfer is a key work in avoiding mistakes from happening, and this is the whole purpose of this meeting. We hold this meeting to make sure every piece of information is in place, and pass on necessary project specific know-how to production entity before we hit shop floor.