The founder of Saintway established the company with his solid technical know-hows, especially when it comes to tooling. Solid technical skill really is the reason why Saintway survived severe competition since the company was founded 30 years ago. Saintway started with precise progressive molding, aiming at pin and connector mess production and was well famed among customers. Thereafter, Saintway turned focus to precise single molding and manufacturing, producing own-branded computer case and various parts.
Molding technology has advanced and evolved dramatically in 30 years time, Saintway attended numerous exhib, forum and community in order to improve all sorts of skills in material selection, after treatment and mold design.

2013, Saintway steps into 35th anniversary. Other than the original tooling business,  Saintway combines procedures of NCT, Bending and Laser to satisfy customers’ variety demands and promote service quality.