1978 Founded by current President, James Chao, in No.21, Lane 8, Longsing St., Gueishan Township, Taoyuan County 333, Taiwan (R.O.C.).
1979 Co-developed TV game console for foreign buyer and helped it set-up a procurement center in Taipei.
1980 Moved to No.75-18, Chyong-Lin S. Road, Hsin-Juang City, Taipei County, Taiwan R.O.C due to expansion in business and the establishment of foreign buyer’s Taiwan branch.
1985 Developed and started to produce key parts of bicycle for Dahon Co. Limited, upgraded the equipment and facility for higher productivity.
1986 Jointly developed IBM286 AT compliable PC, a remarkable year of expansion in company scale.
1989 Jointly developed P.T.C. heater parts (porcelain) with customer and successfully exported to Europe and North America.
1990 Purchased automatic pressing production equipments.
1991 Extended business to computer peripherals, purchased more advanced facilities and established 2nd production base in current address (No.75-35, Chyong-Lin S. Road, Hsin-Juang City, Taipei County, Taiwan R.O.C).
1993 Concentrated on OEM business and undertook the business from PACOM, ASCOM and EPSON. Jointly developed the cases of LPX PC series with TA-TUNG and responsible for producing the production.
1995 Supplied PC,Business System Computer to Mitac for domestic sales.
1996 Devoted to computer case OEM business and undertook the commission from TA-TUNG and MiTAC.
1997 Focused on computer case OEM business for SYNNEX. Supplied PC、Business System Computer to LEO Computer for domestic and overseas sales.
1998 Started ODM business, undertook HITACHI’s commission to develop and produce the case of POS.
1999 Started to OEM for HUSS & THOMSON. Jointly developed NB parts with Mitac and was responsible for production.
2000 Produced ABS heat sink for UNICAP. Jointly developed Industrial PC mechanical parts with Mitac and was responsible for assembling.Being a professional OEM partner of Mitac.
2001 Produced CD reader, CD burner, VHF/UHF BOX parts and being a professional OEM partner of Mustang Industrial Corp.
2002 Produced reflector and frame of LCD backlight module for I-CHAR Technology Co., Ltd, aiming at the technique of optical related products.
2003 Produced industrial PC for MiTAC(commission of HITACHI). Undertook TTIC’s commission to produce public phone housing and expanded company to current scale.
2004 ODM set-up box, cell phone parts and EMI shielding cap.
2005 ODM banking cash machine and various kind of touch panel hinge.
2006 OEM air conditioner case and undertook TTIC’s commission to produce public phone housing.
2007     btained IECQ QC080000 certificate. Selected by Industrial Development Bureau and started to carry out RFID project. Became SENAO and Phoenixtec’s approved vender. Invested in Vietnam to establish overseas manufacturing site.
2008     Became the vender of Flextronics, our process capability was affirmed by Flextronics.
2009     Got ISO 9001(2008 version)  quality system certified.
2010     The project “Test Strips vacuum lamination press machine for Blood Glucose Meter  ” passed CITD that supported by Ministry of Economic Affairs.
2011     Began preparation work for the establishment of new factory in Sanxia to expand capacity and services.
2012     Completed establishment of factory in Sanxia/ Add business items of NCT, Bending and Laser Cut/ Enrich self-process capability.