President─James Chao

Integrity, Macroscopic, Creativity, Sustainability, Reciprocity•
The goal of an enterprise is to make profit to improve employees’ welfare and create a harmonious enterprise culture and ethics in order to unify the labor and capital as a whole.
As today's industrial environment evolves rapidly, it is becoming more and more difficult to find sufficient labor resource. After the form of this industry evolved fundamentally to be more international, entrepreneurs who are facing significant impact coming from internal and external environment have found that defending tenaciously the labor-intensive business no longer a way to survive.

As a result, Saintway is undertaking a strategic move to upgrade its core competence. The main action items include expanding production capacity and flexibility, improving technological ability to undertake optical and communication related business, advancing R&D capability and accumulating technical know-hows to improve product development and customer service. What we are doing is to accomplishing the upgrade in a tight timeframe and keeping up the growth in a competitive environment in order to deliver high quality products and services.
Quality Policy
Saintway accepts only the finest goods following strict IQC policy
Saintway shows only the highest performance for every project
Saintway delivers only the best quality products
Saintway holds on to the rule of sincerity, honesty, diligence and truth

Accommodate customer with requested services, keep to our promise

Goal Under 0.l5% defective rates
Commitment Serve our customer with best-in-class quality